Manažérske výcvikové hry 6 Water Games

Blind man’s Bacon

Adapted by (Dan Mott) – Great Salt Lake Council

• 2 Blindfolds

• 2 Water pistols

This is a variation of the ‚Steal The Bacon‘ game which plays best in a circle shape with each team forming half a circle. The two teams are of equal size so that there is a player on each team with the same number. When a number is called, the corresponding player for each team puts on a blindfold. After hearing the signal, the two blindfolded players move toward the center where a squirt gun is located. The object is to reach the squirt gun and squirt the other guy before he came make it back behind the protection of his team. Teams are allowed to shout instructions to the blindfolded players.


From (Jim Speirs) ‚Games Galore‘, BSC publication

Two wet sponges or rags

Two Cubs sit about 2 feet apart on chairs in the centre of the den. They are blindfolded, face each other and each hold a wet sponge. The rest of the Pack must creep up, as directed by a Leader and pass between the seated Cubs. The seated Cubs can say ‚freeze‘ at any time (within reason) and dab down with the sponge between the chairs. If hit places are changed. This can also be played outdoors on a fine day, using larger quantities of water, or water pistols.


• 2 Solid foam rafts 6’x 3’x 5″ thick

• Helmets (we use goalie type)

• 2 Jousting hitters (we use three foam pool noodles taped together with duct tape to make one solid foam hitter)

Contestants (gladiators) put on helmets and PFD lifejackets (optional). Board their foam rafts. The referee instructs them on how the game is played. Two rules 1) If a player loses his hitter during play or 2) if a player falls from the standing position on to the matt; then play is temporarily stopped until they are up and ready to fight again. The referee holds the floating rafts together and calls „Go or Stop“ as is needed.The winner successfully knocks his opponent into the water. Players must stay on their own raft during the contest. Helmets are nessessary to protect against ear injury while PFD’s are to a degree protecting from mild bruising but more important stop players from hitting bottom in shallow water.

Water Balloon Catch

From: Peter_Van_Houten@SIMULACRUM.WV.TEK COM>

• Balista or Catapult per team

• Water balloons

• Polythene Sheet per team

Using a large catapult three boys launch water balloons toward the objective. The objective is three boys holding a large polythene sheet or ground sheet, who will try and catch the water balloons. The team with the most catches wins.

Water Balloon Toss

• An endless supply of balloons one-quarter filled with water.

Players form two lines facing each other about 2 metres apart. Players in line 1 each toss a water balloon to opposite players in line 2. Any players who have a balloon burst are out. After each balloon bursts, a new balloon is brought into play, both lines take one step backward and toss again. Repeat until only one pair of players remain. There are on the market very tiny balloons known as water bombs. If you are going to use vast quantities, then these may be more economical to buy than regular balloons.


We do the same game at camp but use spare eggs.

Water Balloon Volley Ball

• A volleyball net or a rope over which the balloons can be tossed

• An endless supply of balloons a quarter filled with water

This is a very messy game and is therefore ideal for hot days at camp. Your net or rope is stretched between two poles or trees just above head height. You have two teams and one balloon a quarter filled with water. If you put too much water into the balloons then they tend to burst too easily. The object of the game is to lob the balloon over the net and try and soak the opposing team. There is a lot of strategy in this game on such things as catching the balloon without bursting it and ways of lobbing the balloon to make it difficult to catch. When the balloon bursts on one side then a point is awarded to the other side, and a new balloon is brought into play.

Water Bomb Fight

• An endless supply of paper squares to construct water bombs from

• A bucket of water per patrol

Each patrol is given the same number of sheets of paper and a jug of water. On the word go they have to fold the papers into water bombs. Fill them with water and splatter the other patrols. You will find the instructions for water bombs in any good origami book and also in many scouting books. This game is best played out of doors.

Water Pistol Fight

• A water pistol or a washing up liquid squeezy bottle per team

• A flack jacket made from a double sheet of newspaper with a hole in the centre for the players head to go through per team

• A supply of water

This game should be played out of doors and could be a basis for a wide game. The trouble with shooting type games, is knowing when someone has been hit. This is the object of the newspaper flack jackets. Any hits on the jacket will be easily visible. Any players with wet patches on their flack jackets, are not allowed to fire on an opponent and must return to their home base for a replacement flack jacket. The team that has the most dry flack jackets at the end of the game are the winners. Obviously you can’t use this idea if it is raining.

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