A game best used as an energizer, after lunch or a break away from each other. Not advised as an icebreaker. A short, fun inter-active exercise to help re-establish a sense of being in the group.


1. Each person is given a copy of the sheet with the Bingo grid. It is suggested that twelve boxes form the grid, with statements that group members must find the answer to. Therefore, statements like ‚is a woman‘ or ‚is wearing a watch‘ are not appropriate, as these things can (usually) be clearly seen.The statements should cover a variety of topics, suitable for the group you are working with. See enclosed sheet as an example.

2. Ask the group to stand, push chairs away and retain only the Bingo sheet and a pen. The object of the game is to get a full house (all twelve boxes completed) by funding one other person from the group for each box. They should do this by mingling, forming pairs quickly, to ask one question each way. If they get a positive response they put the name of that person in the box and circulate to find the next positive response.

3. The winner is the person who fills all twelve boxes first. It is not allowed to put your own name in any box. At the end, have a show of hands to test responses to each statement. The leader of the group should usually join in.


Variations are possible. There can be more boxes or less. The statements can be on a theme. They can be deliberately controversial, provocative or risque. If this latter option is chosen, then you may need to allow more time to de-brief the exercise afterwards. In other words, although the main aim is as a group-bonding exercise, it can also be used as a discussion starter.

Find someone who:

  • knows who Barbara Stanwyck was
  • is a car driver
  • has been on holiday in the last month
  • is a vegetarian
  • is a sports fan
  • has a pet
  • likes the same music as you
  • is a parent
  • has never smoked
  • is wearing white underwear
  • likes science fiction films
  • wears contact lenses

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